Friday, December 7, 2012

ACMEScience News Video Interview

Mihai and I talked to Samuel Hansen of ACMEScience News Now about the applicability of atomic clocks to every day life. This was our first video interview over skype. The lighting in our house was not great, neither was our attire and I mumbled a little, but the video does get the main ideas across if you are interested in atomic clocks and I hope we'll do better next time.

Samuel is a great host! You should support his series of interviews because they give a glimpse of some of the best science available to the general public!

The movie can be found on

and on youtube (you will also find it if you just search for Mihai Bondarescu or Ruxandra Bondarescu on youtube):

The animation in the video was created by Thomas Glauninger and Daniela Isch of the University of Zurich IT team.

I wanted to post the video below as well, but Sam's description does not show up and I am not sure if the pageviews are counted on youtube if I post it here.

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