Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Tooth Fairy has arrived

In the park: all teeth still present
Promptly after he turned six, David lost his first tooth. It started moving beforehand, but he refused to let us remove it. The tooth then changed color to become a visibly darker than the rest. We were still in Spain at the time. A week or so later David took it out himself and gave it to his father.  The second tooth was moving, too. However, David was afraid to take it out for a long time. A few weeks later he mustered the necessary courage to push it out and give it to me.  So, now the bottom two teeth are gone. We sometimes call him "18-teeth". However, the new teeth are already visibly growing, and so this name-calling will not last very long.

Two Teeth Gone...
One Missing Tooth.
The tooth fairy will come on and off for the next few years and I promised I'll document each major change so that we can look back later and remember how it was. I am including the first few pictures for now and I will update this post as time goes on.

The lower incisors are already grown and his first molars have also appeared. However, the two upper incisor teeth have started to move (August-September 2013). David now eats carefully....

Three teeth gone...
October 2013: the upper incisors are gone and so is a lower lateral incisor. Mama and Mihai went with David to a speech specialist for his "s", but I think his speech is slightly affected by his lack of teeth. I am guessing these 3 teeth will be grown before his 7th birthday in February. We'll see... My mom has a picture of Mihai without his front teeth in first grade and David seems to be on a similar timescale.

March 2014: David has 6 new teeth. No other teeth move as of yet. The upper incisors have grown, as well as the lower incisors and lateral lower incisors. Only the latter don't fit. So, we need to go to the dentist soon.