Thursday, February 21, 2019

Will there be a war that trumps all others?


Politics: Earth in 2019

Russia and China are well established dictatorships.  Europe is no longer united -- it is not coherent enough to exert any serious influence. A significant part of its military may split away if Brexit goes ahead.  The US is rife for a dynasty. We've seen presidents from the same family: a Bush was later followed by another Bush and a Clinton nearly followed by another Clinton

Trump, as a dynastic heir of a private empire, appears to be a good candidate for establishing a dynasty in the US. His family holds key positions in the White House and it wouldn't be hard to imagine Ivanka as the first female president. She is still young, beautiful, smart and now more competent because of insider experience -- must be a better thing than the string of 70 years olds who after successfully recovering from various strokes and other aliments persist in seeking power instead of retiring. Hillary Clinton is 71 and Donald Trump at 72 follows in a golf cart behind other leaders likely because he cannot walk far enough.

Normally, the life of a presidential candidate should be judged according to rules that are more strict before than after the election. We should make sure only suitable people do become presidents. Once we've chosen the president, we should close our eyes and let Him rule. This principle is recognized in law and its most obvious manifestation is presidential immunity. 

When the powers of this presidential immunity are lost, a US president is judged according to a higher standard after election than he was ever held to before. This portrayal of the president as a bad person -- potentially a criminal -- prevents them from running the country. There is one escape -- one way for the hunted president to find peace  :: WAR.

When America is at war, spurious and ridiculous challenges to the person and moral of the President are often forgotten and the President's position greatly improves. We've seen that recently with Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. Bill's trouble with Monica were forgotten once the bombs started to fall in Yugoslavia. Bush's stupidity stopped being the focus of late night TV once the World Trade Center fell and America was at War with Iraq. Thanks to 9/11, Bush got a 2nd term in office. 

Now Trump isn't Bush or Clinton -- neither of them having done something illegal. Bush just looked stupid on camera. He may be less intellectually gifted than other presidents, but he's not a very stupid man. Clinton just enjoyed some cuddles with a beautiful young woman. She was pretty. She was smart. She was working for the White House. What man would not be charmed by Monica? And what woman would not be charmed by the Charmer in Chief? And... what law have they broken? None. It is not illegal to have sex even when married. Plus, the President is immune ... but not any more during peace time. 

Trump has much bigger things to hide. He may have used Russian intelligence to sway the US election his way. The same technology could have engineered Brexit. Trump's stormy past is nothing relative to these charges. He slept with many beautiful women, but none qualified to work in the White House and his beautiful wife graced naked some famous magazines. 

Many of you might disagree, but Trump isn't stupid. Trump has succeeded in managing a great fortune without losing it all (look, for comparison, at lottery winners -- most lose everything in a very short time). Trump also lost, but fell on his feet and regained. Trump also isn't a failed president. His governing method does work. Before Trump, the US administration was full of old incompetent fossils that exhibit the same pathology as tenured faculty. Old well-intended people who should have retired in honor long ago, but instead clog the administration with their incompetence. Under Trump, only his family is stable in the White House. Every one else gets changed randomly and often. That keeps young blood in the system and keeps people stressed and functional and loyal to Trump's state. Friendships and undercurrents break down in such circumstances. The results have been clearly seen on Wall Street. 

But Trump's popularity is low and he faces the prospect of losing the 2nd term in office. He is chased by powerful investigators who may use a Democrat-dominated Congress to remove his immunity and consider impeachment.  Trump needs a war -- but, maybe, not any war. His War should be commensurate with his problems. Maybe he needs a war like no other... a war to be won with ease and grace unlike the endless fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The theatre appears to be Venezuela. A once flourishing nation is currently in ruins. There's oil.  Oil is historically correlated with American wars. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves on the planet -- even more than the Saudis -- the current leader in production. In Venezuela, Russia and China have recognized a president. The US and its allies recognized another. He may benefit from the US army. 

Trump's problem is to make a war like no other -- and perhaps a victory like no other. Easy, cheap, fast and impressive -- and, maybe, controversial enough to steal the world's attention from his stormy affairs and make America Great Again. 

Trump has previously casually considered nuclear weapons. What if nuclear weapons could be used to win the war in one day without a single man killed? A bomb that will crush the morale and stun the world, but not kill anyone? 

Nukes are powerful, but can be used this way. In Hiroshima, the bomb exploded in air, but close to the ground. The higher up the more diffuse the damage -- and the more people can see the explosion. 

Just below he explosion, the radiation from a bomb that explodes 1 km above ground is 10 000 times more than if the bomb is detonated 100 km above ground and at the border of space. Such an explosion would be a stunt that stuns the world and may win the war in one day, one move, one billion dollars (probably spent by previous administrations to develop he technology) and, most importantly, no lives lost. 

Winning a war without any American lives lost and enemy life expectancy just barely touched, could secure Trump's second term in office, increase his dictatorial powers and, possibly, make the Trump Dynasty a reality. 

Maybe, after Caracas, Moscow will follow, to thank Putin for the help in the election and provide a well-deserved boost in popularity and justify his nuclear program. 

Note:: Trump has allocated funds for the development of low-yield nuclear weapons that could be used in such an exercise. 

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