Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bye, Bye Fallanden

Under the rainbow
We'll miss the lake, the mountains, the corn, the swans, the ducks, the fox (dear fox - we've only seen you once, but I have to say you are very pretty and graceful, and even though you destroyed our trash bags on a regular basis you were my favourite neighbour), the hunting lodge, the various parks, and, of course, the house we lived in.  For once, I have very little to say other that I am tired of moving and of not having a home of my own. I suppose the right attitude is to be grateful for the experience, but somehow I am tired of being tired, which may make little sense.

The swans
The corn was about 3 meters high.

On rollerblades
The hunting lodge
The rainbow up the hill

A view of cloudy Fallanden
Edward and the ducks

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