Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Blog

 I have started a new blog today about my brilliant science reading. So far I just posted titles and authors of papers I find interesting on the arXiv.  In the future, I will read some of them and explain what I understand from them.  Eventually, I might organize them by topic and not by date and maybe expand to books I read, and then I'll have to switch to a wiki. For now, the point is to get in the habit to read more and understand what I read better (and sometimes why I read on a given topic).  Once this is accomplished, the means of communicating is relevant only if enough other people read the information. At this point, I am not convinced that my readings and thoughts will be interesting enough for the real world and so the documentation is mostly for myself.

The link is below:
 Ruxandra's Science Reading

Why a new blog? Because I did not want to clutter this one with 20 to 30 papers a week. I want to keep this blog for more important posts or at least important for me.

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