Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome 2012! Happy new year everyone!

Since I am most thankful for the happy children in my house, I am writing this post about them.
Edward and his legos

Edward will be 1 year and 5 months old next week. He admires his cousin David with his whole heart and imitates him as much as he can. This year was the first Christmas when Edward was old enough to run and play. He can put together legos now and his favorite toys are cars, which he calls "masina".  Some other words he says are: mama (with different intonations), apa (water), bomboana (candy; maybe not so good for his diet), cheese, papu (shoes), DeDe or David (depending on his mood), tata or daddy, pita (bread), Titzi (either the guest cat to be explained later or my breast; he is still nursing at night), knock-knock (which he can accompany by knocking), poc, buff, mu-mu (most animals including sheep), ham-ham (usually dogs), up, brate (arms in Romanian when he wants to be picked up).

David in the livingroom-to-kitchen window
 David at 4 years and 10 months has a rich imagination and likes to exaggerate. He could not give a paper plane to Edward the other day because it was really a rocket that would explode if not handled properly and, of course, he is the only one who has the expertise to use this rocket. So, sometimes discipline becomes harder to enforce, and I have never been too good at enforcing discipline in the first place. He also thinks that he became the richest David in the whole world when my brother brought him a suitcase of books and that almost every cake that my mom makes is the best cake ever. The latter is a reasonably good habit to cultivate. In 20 years from now his girlfriend or wife will enjoy this type of compliments.  And David's opinion is that fireworks should be called atomic bombs because it's just a more suitable word that would be easier to say for Edward.  I did explain to him how dangerous an atomic bomb is, but he does not understand bad things well yet. In the end, I guess that all words are a just a name for things that could change and do change some times in different languages/cultures and as adults we tend to forget that.

The Guest Cat
Who was the guest cat? We found a cat a few days before Christmas.  She followed the children and my mother home and entered the house on her own. She clearly loved children and various kinds of meat including fish. Edward would sometimes pull her tail, and she never even once hissed and did not run away from him. I put flyers at the bus station and, eventually, her rightful owner showed up to claim her on the 31st of December. We found out that she had been a barn cat belonging to the brother of her current owner only 5 weeks ago and that she was let into the house when she followed the children of the guy in. We received champagne, candy and martipan in return for the cat, but we still miss her sometimes.

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