Monday, November 28, 2011

The First Post

Me in 2008.
I first started this blog to replace the sporadic writing I do at the the end of my research notebooks or in random text files. Not all my thoughts are or should be made public, but I do feel a need to both write more about what I do and share some of it with the world.
 I am not committing to writing every day or even every week.  Sometimes I may give too much information and sometimes too little. I apologize for that in advance. I do not have a target audience in mind. The purpose of this blog is to document some of my own personal growth over a period of a few years, and to practice writing. As long as I find it meaningful and fun, I will continue posting.

This blog voices my personal opinions of random topics, events, seminars and personal experiences.  It is not approved by or representative of any institution, collaboration or anybody else other than me. While some of the information is scientific or quasi-scientific, keep in mind that this is a personal blog and it describes my understanding of the various phenomena and topics I write about. What I write can be wrong. I do hope I am not wrong too often, though.

So, does what I write have value? It's hard to say.  It certainly has value to me. I enjoy writing about the people I love, and about the various positive experiences in my life. It sometimes helps me cope with the stress that often comes in large quantities. Also, the more I work and the more applications I submit, the more I feel the need to prove to myself and to the world that I am a whole person with hopes, and dreams and troubles, and somehow writing helps towards that.

I hope that my children, nephews and nieces will enjoy reading some of these posts when they are grown and not feel too embarrassed by them. For them, I have also started combing my description of the present with some from the past.  If somehow I fail to tell them the stories myself, I want them written down.

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